Zolux and Hobby unite in UK with new joint venture

by Owen James

Two aquarium specialists, Zolux and Hobby (aka Dohse Aquaristik) have pooled their resources in the UK to create a new company, Zolux Hobby UK Ltd.

According to press information received by AquaDaily:

Being both dynamic and innovative, ZOLUX and DOHSE AQUARISTIK are confident that sharing their experiences will allow them to offer the best products and services to British clients.

Both manufactures’ catalogues are very complementary and that synergy in their products will prove to be a welcome enhancement by UK pet stores, aquatic & reptile centres.

With his wealth of experience in the aquatic and pet sectors, Simon Collinson has been appointed as Area Sales Manager to promote ZOLUX HOBBY UK LTD products, under the brands HOBBY-Aquatics, HOBBY-Reptile, DUPLA and ZOLUX.

The joint company’s best known aquarium brand in the UK is probably Hobby’s Dupla range; 20 years ago Dupla was arguably the leading name for planted aquarium enthusiasts in Western Europe.

The German-originated range also includes marine products, like the calcium supplement above,

Zolux, which has its roots in France, offers a wide range of pet supplies.

For more information, including trade contact details, see Zolux Hobby UK Ltd’s web page.

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