Leonardo joins Glassbox-Design blog

by Owen James

Leonardo's reef under T5s. It uses only 10lbs of live rock.

ReefCentral.com regulars will know all about Leonardo, who shot to fame with his bare-bottom ‘Formaso Forest’ tank a few years ago.

Now Eric over at the excellent Glassbox-Design.com blog has snagged the Dutch reefkeeper to join him in his quest to report from the cutting-edge of the hobby where design means high-tech reefkeeping.

Leonardo explains his methods as follows:

Trace-elements are automatically dosed because they are added to the Balling solutions. Iron and Iodine are dosed extra by hand every week, after looking at the color of the Acropora tissue.

I use Marine biopolymers (Tropic Marin – Reef Activ) as a Carbon source, and Prodibio Biodigest to keep bacterial diversity optimal. I also mix 1ml/day of vinegar to the RO water that feeds the Kalkwasser reactor. Recently I started to experiment with Vitamin B – complex addition, but it is still too early to conclude anything.

Head over to Leonardo’s introductory post at Glassbox-Design for full details on his system.

Check out Katy's Tropical Fish Guide for more aquarium info.

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