Advanced Aquarist 2008 print edition

by Owen James

Like the Advanced Aquarist online magazine? Now you can read it in the bath

Like the Advanced Aquarist online magazine? Now you can read it in the bath

The Advanced Aquarist online edition is beautiful enough, so goodness knows how beautiful the print book must be.

Well, readers based in America can find out, as the first of two planned 2008 editions just went on sale on

The print editions are 100% color paperbacks measuring 8″ x 10″ and there are currently two separate volumes available: the 2007 Edition and the 2008 Edition, Book 1.

Editor Terry Siegel says the plan is to print new editions every six months:

Future issues may include sponsor ads and product announcements to help reduce publication costs (which in turn would reduce the cost of the book to you) as well as to inform you of new and exciting products from marine hobby manufacturers. As this project progresses, other changes to the format and layout may take place in order to better optimize the printed edition.

Amazon’s ‘Look Inside’ feature is currently working for both editions:

Oh well, another day, another reason to be jealous of U.S. reefers. :)

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