New ‘maxea’ clam hybrid at

by Owen James

This maxima clam hybrid is looking cross

This maxima clam hybrid is looking really cross...

All you U.S. clam-lovers should head over to reefbuilders pronto, where they’re highlighting what they claim is a new clam hybrid.

reefbuilders says of the stunning hybrid clam, pictured above:

Although T. derasa and T. squamosa hybrids have been around for years, the T. maxima x crocea (T. ‘maxea‘) hybrids have just recently become available from captive hybridization on the farm. […]

Not all Maxeas are created equal and there appears to be great variability in the appearance and vibrance of this new hybrid clam variety. The Maxeas are not too expensive, where a 2-3″ high grade T. maxima would sell at retail for $79, a similarly sized Maxea would probably retail for $99-$119.

Great news that it’s aquacultured. Giant clams have long been something you can put in your reef aquarium with a clear conscience, thanks to a thriving farming industry that’s built on the back of growing clams for food and reef replenishment.

In contrast, the coral side of the hobby has arguably taken a step back in recent years with the vogue for rare new LPS species from the wild, after years of great progress with SPS frags.

I’d like to see more effort put into sexual reproduction to create LPS offspring. (Indeed, I’d love to do it – donations for PhD funding welcome!)

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Brandon 08.30.09 at 9:14 pm

i have heard that these clams are not really hybrids, but just crazy looking crocea clams.

Maximus clammus 09.15.09 at 5:16 am

It isn’t a Maxea it is 100% Crocea. There is no such thing is a Maxima / Crocea cross. Or even a Squamosa / Derasa cross.

If this were possible it would have started happening hundreds of years ago in the worlds oceans.

If you wish to read up on it more you can do so here:

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