Should fraggers who colour corals with photoshop be named and shamed?

by Owen James

It's not rude if it's *that* finger...

It's not rude if it's *that* finger...

The frag’it blog has produced the image above to make a sarcastic comment about people using photoshop to falsely colour up photos of the frags their selling on the Internet.

It’s called the ‘Purple Finger of Excellence Award’, and Vlad writes:

This award will only go towards those people who are desperately trying to sell frags or corals in total purple hue. What we mean by that is everything in the photo is purple or blue except the pastel colors of the coral. In fact, if you look closely, even their hand/fingers are radiating in that purple color.

Please use the above logo freely to expose those who try to blast you with eye piercing blues and purples! Show them that you can notice their deception by posting that logo in their threads/emails!

North American sites and fishkeepers seem to be more prone to doing this than UK reefers, who I think are a bit more tolerant of browns and greens and rather less competitive. Nevertheless, I’ve bought a frag or two that didn’t look like the photos, so I know where he’s coming from.

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