Behind the scenes at a Bali aquarium fish exporter

by Owen James

Small pots are used to reduce aggression in captured reef fishes

Small pots are used to reduce aggression in captured reef fishes

Rather like city kids who don’t know milk comes from cows, few marine fish keepers ever get to see how marine fish make it to their home.

I’m not talking about coral reefs, which most of us will have drooled over on the BBC or the Discovery channel. I mean fish exporters.

A recent post on the Coral Adventures blog is interesting reading for reef aquarists therefore, as it includes some behind-the-scenes pics from a coral exporter that is up for sale ($2.8million, since you asked).

Apparently, Bali Blue has been in business for 13 years:

The pleasant and fish guru owner of BB is a French gentleman by the name of Bernard Bruguier. Bernard started out in Indonesia back in the days as a consultant for one of the founding pioneer companies in this business, called Banyu Biru of Jakarta. Bernard eventually took over the Bali operation and really made a huge positive impact on Indonesian ornamental fish trade.

Mr. Bruguier also ran a Vanuatu station for years. All the many cool Vanuatu fish that we have seen in the past years were coming out of Bernard’s operation. There’s even a beautiful new wrasse species that was named after him.

I found the picture above, which shows small fish being kept separated prior to shipping, pretty interesting. There are several other shots of the exporter, as well as lot of carved Indonesian art, over on Coral Adventures.

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Ava 11.27.08 at 10:38 am

I love your first line! And you’re right about that. Even as an aquarium owner, one doesn’t think about how the fish gets to the pet store. As a newbie on the aquarium scene, at first I could care less how the fish winded up with me. But I started doing some research on sites such as yours and my interest piqued, thanks to entries like the ones on your blog.

How can we suggest to others that this hobby or task is really worthwhile and one should look into it?

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