15,000 fish found dead in Manchester canal

by Owen James

City dwellers in Manchester, England, might not realise their old industrial canals are full of fish. Alas they’ve now found out in the worst circumstances possible.

The BBC reports 15,000 fish have been discovered dead:

It is thought the fish died on Saturday but took time to float to the surface.

British Waterways staff have been on site removing and disposing of the fish – pike, perch and roach – since the weekend.

Fisheries officers, ecologists and Environment Agency officers are now conducting a number of surveys in the area.

A spokesperson for the Environment Agency said: “The results of the water samples taken from the canal revealed that the fish were killed as a result of a chemical pollution. [...]

We are not aware of any wildlife being affected by the pollution but, purely as a precaution, we are recommending that people avoid having direct contact with the water and keep their dogs out of the water too.”

See the comment I put into bold; it’s a shame that not even the official UK Environment Agency seems to consider fish as wildlife!

The agency believes it knows how the pollution occurred and that it will be a one-off incident, but it said it wouldn’t comment to the BBC whilethe investigation was ongoing.

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