Coral reefs and climate change

by Owen James

Politicians won’t move to save the people of Bangladesh or the Maldives so hoping they’ll sort out climate change for the seas – the most neglected of all Earthly habitats – is wishful thinking.

But that doesn’t mean such hopes aren’t right, that efforts are futile, or that this video isn’t worth sharing with as many people as you can, via your own reef blogs and websites:

Coral reefs and climate change, a message for Copenhagen.

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brandon klaus 02.03.10 at 8:09 pm

interesting website. it’s always good to find others that enjoy aquariums as much as i do.

Oliver Gibson 03.13.10 at 11:46 am

Hi, enjoying reading your blogs…good topical subjects which I’m finding thought provoking….One thing however I don’t agree with is climate change….the planet is still warming up from the last ice age…it’s natural climate change…these things fluctuate, we might have impacted it a bit, but I still think that sea levels would have risen and temperatures increased if we weren’t even here…It’s a natural adjustment!

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