EcoTech Marine reveals the Vortech MP10 pump

by Owen James

The Vortech MP10 pushes 500 to 1,575 gallons per hour

The Vortech MP10 pushes 500 to 1,575 gallons per hour

Rated for tanks from 20 to 50 gallons in size, Ecotech Marine’s new Vortech MP10 propeller pump looks an excellent addition to the company’s innovative line of circulation devices.

Vortech MP10 specs

Flow: 500 to 1575 gph
Wattage: 8 to 18 watts
Maximum Tank Thickness: 3/8″
Tank range: 2.5 to 50 gal
Dimensions: Wet Side- 2.5″ by 1.5″ long; Dry Side – 2.5″ by 2″ long
Space needed behind aquarium: 2.25″

Like EcoTech’s other Vortech pumps, the nicest aspect of the MP10 is that the pump comes in two parts. The electrics and motor sits outside of the glass, with the propeller powered within the tank via magnetic induction through the tank glass.

This two-part design keeps heat transfer in the tank to a minimum, compared to other water-cooled pumps, which is especially handy for the nano-range tanks the MP10 is aimed at.

The manufacturer claims it’s safer, too.

MP10 ideal for nanos

Ecotech Marin’s president Tim Marks says:

“Minimal visual intrusion in the aquarium is essential to the nano reef enthusiast experience. The MP10, without question, offers the smallest in-tank foot print of any commercially available pump capable of pushing 1,575 gallons per hour, once again proving that size does matter.

The marketplace demanded this product so we’ve applied our expertise in developing low-profile pumps to this burgeoning segment and the early indications are people are blown away by its sleek looks, versatility and broad flow.”

The MP10 is due out in the U.S. in late Spring, priced $195.

We haven’t seen UK release details yet, but we’d expect it to sell for around £145, and to arrive around June.

For full specifications, check out Ecotech’s MP10 Propeller Pump page.

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