Rena aquariums are no more?

by Owen James

Practical Fishkeeping is running a news story based on a statement from Mars Fishcare, the owner of the Rena brand, saying that it will no longer be making aquariums.

The magazine reports Mars Fishcare as saying:

“In recent years, the sharp rise in competition in the tank market has made it difficult for Mars Fishcare to optimise its resources in this area.

Mars Fishcare Europe is taking steps to refocus its European business in aquarium equipment and water treatment, and to strengthen its position in the European fish food market.”

Existing customers whose tank is under guarantee with Rena will be protected as normal.

Rena makes a large range of aquariums, generally in the mid-sized range.

Its tanks are attractive and often bundled with decent Rena equipment, although it’s fair to say that as basic glass boxes on beech or other wood effect stands they’re not massively different to all the generic rivals out there, compared to the more cutting-edge tank designs now emerging.

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Fischfutter 03.10.09 at 3:34 pm

A bad news. Mars Fishcare really cared about the fishes and the aquarists. :(

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