“Do you hate your tank at times?”

by Owen James

There’s a thread running on the UK marine fishkeeping forum UltimateReef that I have to say is making me smile.

I do feel a little guilty, since it’s basically fellow fishkeepers revealing their pain!

But I defy anyone who has ever kept a reef tank to say they’ve never felt as desperate as some of these posters.

Here’s the thread originator, craigg:

I’m having a moment tonight.

Really hate it, every single thing about it.

My sun coral zone collapsed for no reason. Sun corals being the single reason I didn’t strip my tank down fully and now I hate how I have redesigned it.

Damn I wish I had closed it down and smashed it up.

Keeping a reef tank is a special kind of frustrating pain. Like many other people, I’ve described it as my crack cocaine – it’s as expensive and time-consuming, if not as dangerous (unless you keep lionfish).

I’ve pulled out a few more choice quotes below.

You may feel better knowing you’re not alone!


yes i really can hate my tank at times, i hate the nitrates, etc also wish it was bigger and have been getting really annoyed at my maroon clown which has lately taken to trying to host in my Cataphillia and pushing corals about the tank


I know what you mean – I’ve spent good money after bad this year. Changed the lighting set up a million times . At long last, this week thought I could just sit back and enjoy. Now I look at my tank and it just makes me angry. Don’t know why. Possibly ‘post -tank set up depression’ .


I honestly remember times when I’d walk into the dining room where the tank was and I just couldn’t as I walked past, it was just so annoying after all the money and time you spend.


Sometimes when other things in life go wrong and i come home and see my tank and it makes me think what’s the point of having it, and then i want to get rid of it, but then i’d notice the coral grown a little bit, fish have eggs etc and i realise they are happy in there, and it changes the picture

Holidays are the worst for a reefer…Has anyone been on holiday and not worried about something bad waiting for them when they return?
The other time I really truly detested it was the time when I had a mystery wrasse which ate every other fish in the tank in the space of two days (pair of helfrichis fire fish and pair of yasha gobies) then jumped itself the next day.
Probably the most unrewarding 300 quid I’ll ever spend!

If you didnt laugh you’d cry

Do go and read the whole thread if you’re feeling blue. They’re a friendly down to Earth bunch on UltimateReef, and you’re bound to leave feeing better.

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Vlad 02.25.09 at 3:46 pm

Hilarious stuff! Thanks for sharing. Those guys at UR are funny as well!

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