Chinese release 10 million fish to clean up lake Taihu

by Owen James

Talk about a clean-up crew:

BEIJING — China will release millions of fish into its third-largest freshwater lake to eat algae that threatens its water quality, state media said Friday.

The 927-square mile (2,400-square kilometer) Taihu lake is a major drinking water source in China’s eastern Jiangsu province, and saw an outbreak of algae in 2007 that cut water supplies to 2 million residents.

About 10 million fish such as silver carp and grass carp will be released as part of the five day campaign by four cities surrounding the lake, the official Xinhua News Agency said.

“The biological treatment using the algae digestion ability of the fish is expected to fundamentally rehabilitate the lake,” Lin Jianhua, head of the Taihu Lake Fishing Administration, was quoted as saying.

He estimated it would take 100 million fish to clean the lake.

The full story at explains that sewage and pollution from local factories originally caused the problem.

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