Ocean@Home gets redesign, new focus

by Owen James

Another quick update on another marine blog.

Brian Blank over at Ocean@Home recently redesigned his site, and refocused his blog’s vision. From now on, he says, it will aim to be the web’s premium source of information on ‘blue collar reefing’.

What is blue collar reefing, you ask? Brian answers:

Blue collar reefing is about doing the best you can with what is available to you now and in the near future, making informed choices, and not just cutting corners to save money for that next coral or fish.

To be a true blue collar reefer you need time and patience and to realize that not everything happens overnight.

With the recession still deepening and more reef tanks going up for sale on eBay everyday, I think Brian could be on to something with his back-to-basics approach.

Head over to his blog for more on blue collar reefing, but do check out the post he wrote for AquaDaily about DIY projects first!

Check out Katy's Tropical Fish Guide for more aquarium info.

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Brian Blank 04.30.09 at 7:08 pm

Thanks Owen,

I really appreciate it and just doing my part to add a little bit more ingenuity to the hobby. I am constantly thinking how I can adopt and adapt things on my tank to make it better without depleting the bank account and am hoping other reefers can find something of value here!

I always appreciate comments and suggestions, so if there is something you want to see, just let me know! You can send me an email via the online contact form and it gets delivered right to my email:


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