February 2009 issue of Reefkeeping is out

by Owen James

It's hard to believe this mature captive reef is less than four years old

It's hard to believe this mature captive reef is less than four years old

Quick note to say the new issue of the online Reefkeeping magazine is out. And as always, the tank of the month is to die for.

In some ways it’s yet another in-wall, fish-room-behind-the-tank labour of love that tends to typify Reefkeeping’s Tank of the Month picks, but it has some unusual elements, especially the heavy emphasis on ceramic rockwork early on.

Owner John Ouverson says:

I know that a number of people had a lot of trouble with high pH because of Reef Ceramics; but after properly curing them, I never experienced any trouble. After a while, I started to run out of room for placing more corals, so I ended up adding a bunch of live rock to connect the pillars and the back wall.

In the end, the tank has a ton of room for coral placement and growth, and it has a very open feel.

Jon also has an unusual approach to freshwater top-off and water changes that’s worth other big tank owners reading up on. He has his own aquarium website, Shallow Reef, too.

Elsewhere, Reefkeeping features a profile of the Blue Spine Unicorn tang, and an article about fine tuning your weir to cope with higher water levels.

Go read it all in the new February 2009 issue of Reefkeeping.

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