Debelius pygmy seahorse one of five newly discovered species

by Owen James

The Debelius pygmy seahorse is one of five newly described species

The Debelius pygmy seahorse is less than one-inch tall

A flurry of new seahorse discoveries has culminated in this beautiful photo from National Geographic of the Debelius pygmy seahorse.

Like the other new discoveries, the Debelius seahorse is barely an inch tall. It is named after Helmut Debelius, the underwater photographer familiar to crusty old marine aquarists like me for his classic sealife books such as Armoured Knights of the Sea.

According to National Geographic‘s Helen Scales (great name for an aquatic journalist!):

After initial sightings in 1993, it took over a decade to find the specimens…

“This is a great honor for me,” Debelius said.

Despite having several other marine creatures named after him, Debelius confessed he was excited to have a ‘son’ in the seahorse family.

The five seahorses, described by science in December 2008 and January 2009 studies and all found in small ranges in the Red Sea and Indonesia, are the first to be discovered in five years.

Be sure to check out the other four gorgeous photos over in the National Geographic article.

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