Advanced Aquarist’s Online: January 2009

by Owen James

The first Advanced Aquarist’s Online Magazine of 2009 is now online, and as ever it’s a great and beautifully put together read. (And a free one, too).

The article by Dana Riddle on making your corals more colorful is the kind of evidence-based research that has me returning to Advanced Aquarist again and again, albeit that it seems to prove what we first discovered 20 years ago – that blue is best for corals.

What’s more, Dana Riddle writes:

The negative effects of exposure to red light for prolonged periods (exceeding ~30 days or so) are becoming more apparent. In this article, we see that red light apparently fails to promote coral coloration as efficiently as either green or blue bandwidths.

If that article isn’t hard science enough for you, then maybe the issue’s second weighty feature will do the trick. It’s the snappily titled: The Development of a Method for the Quantitative Evaluation of Protein Skimmer Performance.

Seriously, if you’re, well, serious about reefing you should go check out the January 2009 of Advanced Aquarist.

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