AquaDaily now on Facebook and Twitter

by Owen James

What with it being 2009, we thought it was about time we embraced some of the fancy new Internet fashions. So this is just a quick note to say you can now:

Follow AquaDaily on Twitter

Only a couple of tweets so far, but we will be linking to everything we write here on the site, plus adding comments and links to other stories around the Web. If you’re a regular Twitter user, it might be the most convenient way to keep in touch.

Become a fan on Facebook

Again, we’ve just got started on Facebook, but we’ve already included an RSS feed to our latest stories plus a few feeds from some other excellent aquarium blogs. (We can only have a handful, so sorry if yours isn’t there!)

Of course Facebook is a social network, so what we really need is you guys to become a fan of the page and to start commenting and uploading photos and videos! :)

Don’t forget you can also subscribe to AquaDaily via email, or through your RSS reader.

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glassbox design 01.11.09 at 7:16 pm

Glad to see you on twitter!

Owen James 01.11.09 at 7:32 pm

Cheers for the follow! (Incidentally, I did try adding your blog to the Facebook page but I got a database error from your feed? I could try again and let you know the error if you like — perhaps it’s causing problems for regular subscribers?)

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