Stunning conservatory-housed Tank of the Month at Reefkeeping magazine

by Owen James

Paul Brun's stunning aquarium sits among tropical plants, and is visible from four sides

Paul Brun's stunning aquarium sits among tropical plants, and is visible from four sides

Finally caught up with the December 2008 issue of Reefkeeping magazine, and I was glad I did. This month’s Tank of the Month is truly a stunner.

What’s particularly nice about this 400-gallon aquarium is that it’s the culmination of a childhood dream by its owner, Paul Brun. As a keen aquarist still waiting for my chance to build my dream tank, I really relate to his story of recapturing his childhood in a reef tank writ large:

Eventually, my mother granted me the wish of every sixteen year old and managed to give me a room of my own. A three seasons sunroom at the back of the house was converted to a four season bedroom for me and I was in heaven. I filled it with plants and two aquariums, one 75gal freshwater and one 30 gal marine. I loved it

As the years passed I kept a dream of creating an aquarium presented unlike any other I had seen, built in a room that would compliment its unique beauty. This “dream reef” was to be surrounded with tropical plants, flooded with natural sunlight, and sit as the centerpiece of a four season solarium.

Less poetically but more practically, the tank is visible from all four sides, thanks to a central overflow and returns that takes water to and from the equipment room in the basement.

There’s a couple of surprises down there, too, including back-up batteries and generator, and a Wavysea-branded top-up system that even mixes the salt for you (not sure I’d trust it myself!)

It’s well worth checking out this gorgeous mixed reef in full.

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jeffry r. johnston 12.19.08 at 9:09 pm

Good find. Time to click the links to learn more! :-D

Owen James 12.23.08 at 12:23 pm

Yep. Time to start saving to buy my own 400-gallon reef, too. :)

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