If you can’t go diving, visit The Right Blue instead

by Owen James

A spiny pufferfish, partially inflated

A spiny pufferfish, photographed for The Right Blue by B N Sullivan

The Right Blue is a new site to me that features some truly fantastic underwater photography. I was first drawn in by pictures of the pufferfish above (via The Reef Tank), but soon lost an hour there.

A few personal favourite posts on The Right Blue:

That barely scratches the surface. All fish fans should dive on in!

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The Right Blue 12.05.08 at 8:13 pm

Thanks very much for your kind words about The Right Blue. We’re glad to know you enjoyed your visit.

Bobbie & Jerry

Ava 12.09.08 at 6:48 am

I loved that post, so I had to write about it! Isn’t that picture great?

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