Nano reef tanks to die for every month

by Owen James

With nano reefs, small is ridiculously beautiful

With nano reef tanks, small is ridiculously beautiful is the best site for small marine tank fans on the web. Besides its funky, friendly forums, the site picks a nano reef tank to showcase every month.

These nano reefs are always stunning examples of what can be done on a small-scale by committed aquarists. December’s winner, from member DeMartini, features gorgeous colours and a range of mushroom and ricordea corals after my own heart.

This lovely nano reef tank might only be 14-gallons, but size never stops a good nano reefer:

Eventually I removed the hood and upgraded the lighting to a 70w HQI SunPod, which made my corals pop and allowed me to keep a clam…YAY! About half a year ago I added a refugium to keep nitrates down; I drilled holes in an old 6-gallon eclipse and placed it on a little stand right above my main display.

There’s a few more tidbits on the tank and a whole lot more pictures of the tank in December’s Nano Reef Tank of the Month writeup.

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Razak 03.14.11 at 7:04 am

That’s a very beautiful nano! Nice gradation of colors, yet subtle with nothing that is overpowering. Superbly balanced. Great job.

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