The Warner Marine RX150 reviewed by Glassbox Design

by Owen James

A skimmer that’s “as plug-and-play as they come”, according to Eric over on Glassbox Design, the Warner Marine RX150 is a $549 recirculating skimmer. Here are the basic specs:

Warner Marine RX150 Protein Skimmer specs
Model: RX150
Manufacturer Max Rating: 250 gallons
Height: 26″
Diameter: 6″
Pump: Sedra 7000

It’s a new skimmer to me, but GlassBox Design has been testing one on its reef for some time now, and today Eric delivered his verdict:

The RX 150 protein skimmer is a great addition to the hobby. There are few options when it comes to recirculating models in the sub 100g range and the RX 150 fits that niche nicely. While there are some improvements that can be made, the overall design works well. I will say, if powered by an Eheim 1250 instead of the Sedra 7000 this skimmer would be tough to beat.

Skip over to the full RX150 review for a great review full of juicy details.

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