Treating white spot disease

by Owen James

The Aquarium Fish World blog’s owner Paul Piotrowski has unfortunately got a case of white spot disease in his tropical aquarium. He’s fighting back, of course, and better yet he’s documenting how he’s treating the white spot for the education of readers:

  • I’ve done a 20% water change on the tank, because it’s not recommended to do any water changes during the medication process so I figured it would be best to do one right before I start.
  • I’m going to increase the water temperature of my tank to about 80-82ºF, which speeds up the life cycle of the parasite, which will get it off my fish faster trying to go into its reproductive cycle.
  • I’ve removed the carbon charcoal insert on my canister filter as charcoal will just filter out the meds I’m putting in and we don’t want that.
  • I’m adding in a product called Ich X from Aquarium Solutions to kill the parasite. This particular product calls to add about 5ml per 10 gallons of water, so for a 55 Gallon tank I’m supposed to put in about 20-25ml, but I’ve been reading that if you have Tetras in the tank you’re only supposed to use about half the dose, so I only put in about 10ml in.
  • There’s also lots of good information on the lifecycle of the white spot parasite, so go check it out if you’re suffering something similar in your tank, while the rest of us cross our fingers for a positive update.

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    Paul Piotrowski 11.27.08 at 9:23 am

    Thanks for the link! :)

    I think I’m winning the battle. The Ich has been gone for a few days now so the treatment I used seems to be working. I’m going to give it a few more days and then I’ll stop the meds and replace the carbon in my filter.

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