Londoner grows coral in his own shed

by Owen James

Now the most famous reef tank in Bromley, London

Now the most famous reef tank in Bromley, London

Clayton Smith has £2,500 worth of corals in a coral farm in his garden shed in Bromley, London, according the Telegraph:

Mr Smith, 35, said: “Coral is an incredible ‘pet’ to own.

“The growth in coral farms and farmers is similar to the boom in tropical fish in the 60’s and 70’s. Except corals are just that little bit more spectacular in their appearance than some of the fish that people keep.”

Mr Smith grows more than 120 different species of coral in his intensive back-garden lab, catering for the estimated 600,000 or so coral enthusiasts in the UK and worldwide.

“People generally have a personal taste for their aquariums and they might want soft corals, which are wavy, or they might want the large polyp stone corals which are big and fleshy.”

Unfortunately the Telegraph article isn’t wholly accurate, claiming that it is Clayton’s ‘revolutionary coral farming techniques have made it possible to own a small piece of the tropics for your home’ (tell that to all the reef tank owners who’ve never met Clayton) and that coral farms can be ‘lucrative’. (Lucrative for your local electricity supplier, perhaps!)

Rather weirdly, the same article appears in The Sun and The Daily Mail, so you might be confused about which one is the original. The Mail’s article has more pictures of Clayton’s reef tank, however, while The Sun offers a reef farm slideshow.

Surely Clayton should give up coral farming and go into PR? Presumably all the newspapers have simply rewritten the same press release…

What only AquaDaily will tell you though is that Clayton’s shed-based reef farm provides the stock for Reefworks, his online business. It’s a great mail order site for UK reefers, which I’ve used myself and would use again.

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