Soft coral tank shines in November’s Reefkeeping magazine

by Owen James

A soft coral aquarium has a unique beauty

A soft coral aquarium has a unique beauty

The November issue of Reefkeeping Magazine is out, and it features the absolutely beautiful and predominantly soft coral aquarium pictured above as the Tank of the Month.

I think soft corals have been hugely neglected in recent years – ever since Sprung and Delbeek printed those (then) amazing pictures in The Reef Aquarium of Steve Tyree’s colourful acros way back in the mid-1990s, in fact. Why is this? Soft corals are beautiful, come in all kinds of interesting shapes and sizes, and are mostly much easier to care for than hard corals.

As tank owner Luis Gonzalez says:

I understand the challenges of keeping SPS corals and appreciate their beauty, but for me LPS and soft corals are just as beautiful as SPS. With simple equipment like mine I feel more comfortable with the corals I am keeping.

Other good stuff featured this month includes interesting new take on reef photography, a look at the rarely seen Dussumieri Tang, and a pointer to this issue’s thread of the month, which recounts crazy4acros amazing bonsai reef.

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