Scientists describe five new barbs from Myanmar

by Owen James

Sven Kullander (a lucky fish scientist who presumably gets to roam about in tropical rainforests hunting for new species all day long) has described five new species of barb, including the lipstick barb.

Quoting the Ichthyological Exploration of Freshwaters, Practical Fishkeeping reports that the new barbs hail from Myanmar’s Irrawaddy River Drainage and Lake Indawgyi. All five can be identified by a prominent blotch on the caudal peduncle. (That’s the bit before the tail to you and I).

Only the lipstick barb has so far been given a common name. The five species described in full scientific glory are:

  • Puntius erythromycter (Lipstick barb)
  • Puntius nankyweensis
  • Puntius thelys
  • Puntius macrogramma
  • Puntius pugio

Note to scientists: post pix please! In the meantime, Practical Fishkeeping has the vaguely fascinating details of how the barbs got their names.

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