Chinese selling live goldfish in keyrings as Olympic souvenirs

by Owen James

A goldfish trapped in a plastic prison (Image: SIPA PRESS/REX FEATURES)

A goldfish trapped in its plastic prison (Image: SIPA PRESS/REX)

And you thought goldfish bowls were cruel. The Telegraph reports that waterfront traders in Qingdao, the official home of this summer’s Olympic sailing events, have been selling souvenir goldfish trapped inside plastic key rings (heart-shaped for that extra cruel ironic twist).

A cheerful picture of a boy called Huanhuan – one of five mascots for the 2008 games – is printed on the front of a sealed plastic bag containing the fish, with no room to swim and a short supply of oxygen inside.

The bags can’t be opened without being burst, so presumably you’re meant to throw away the dead fish once you’ve unlocked your front door.

Sick, sick, sick. China, you just won a gold medal for cruelty.

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