Arcadia launching six-tube ready OT2 luminaire

by Owen James

Acadia OT2 luminaire, plus Arcadia bloke

Acadia OT2 luminaire, plus Arcadia bloke

Arcadia unveiled its new over-tank luminaire, the OT2, at the Interzoo 2008 trade exhibition in Germany, and Practical Fishkeeping got the scoop.

The all-in-one lighting kit sits on a wide mounting bracket, and boasts four T5 bulbs, each individually switched, presumably so you can simulate sunrise and sunset effects. It can be unclipped and folded back on its rear hinges for when you’re cleaning your tank.

Kevin Chambers of the UK-based aquarium lighting manufacture adds:

“There is a heat sink area in the middle, to take away the heat from the ballasts. And there will also be a second module that can be put in the middle, which will allow six tube units for the wider tank.”

Six tubes! Previous Arcadia luminaires have been restricted to four, so that should get you reef and plant guys salivating (or at least those of you who also like things to be neat and tidy).

PFK has a video of the OT2 luminaire being demonstrated. Arcade says the unit will go on sale in the UK ’shortly’.

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