Moscow Zoo to get giant new public aquarium

by Owen James


Attention Russian readers! A large aquarium with ‘transparent glass walls’ (as is traditional) is soon to open in Moscow Zoo.


Visitors will walk in long underwater tunnels with transparent walls and admire life of water kingdom. Giant aquarium will occupy an old building, which belongs to the Zoo. Water complex will also include an audience hall, a large auditorium for lectures and several cafes to take a break. Another pearl of future complex is a cinema for demonstrating popular science and educational films.

Right… Well, I’m sure their English is better than my Russian. But what to make of this final line?

Oceanarium, planned to be built on Poklonnaya Gora in 2009, is more close possibility for Moscow guests and dwellers to get acquainted with underwater life.

Are they saying a rival aquarium is going to open in a place called Poklonnaya Gora in 2009, which will be handy for Muscovites and tourists alike? Or do Russians have a particularly gloomy prognosis when it comes to global warming and rising sea levels?

Oh yes, the cichlids. Sorry, that was the shot the original source used. There were no Malawi-specific nuggets in the release. Unless ‘Poklonnaya Gora’ is Russian for Haplochromis.

(Russians and Haplochromis experts are invited to correct any errors in this report in the comments section below).

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