Go dive a reef on your Nintendo console

by Owen James

Endless Ocean

Nintendo’s Wii games console comes with a special controller called a Wiimote, which you wave about like a crazed conductor to direct your actions on screen.

It’s meant to make everything from baseball to shooting feel more realistic for gamers. To make Endless Ocean more realistic you’d have to play it whilst a friend chucked occasional buckets of water over your head. (Although there’s nothing to stop you sitting on your couch in flippers.)

A diving simulation, Endless Ocean is about as far from the usual frenetic video game violence as you could imagine. And that’s no bad thing according to (qualified diver) Ellie Gibson of reviews site Eurogamer:

Diving controls are a simple matter of pointing where you want to go and pressing a button to swim there; a quick flick executes an about turn. You can then press buttons and shake the remote to examine and interact with fish and other sea life, take photographs [...] and grab treasure from the sea bed. Sorry, not treasure – items of cultural value and anthropological interest.

Endless Ocean is simple to the point of being quite dull, and certainly no masterpiece. But sometimes all a game needs to do is offer you something different, and it’s an honest relief to play something that doesn’t shout in your ear, set any time limits, or feature a single explosion; a game whose raison d’etre is just beauty and peace. Playing this game is almost like taking a holiday from gaming. If you can live with that paradox – and if you can find it reasonably cheap – it’s worth dipping a toe in these calm, blue waters.

Would-be armchair divers can read the rest of Eurogamer’s Endless Ocean review, or check out this Youtube video.

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