Dream job: Snorkelling in central New York

by Owen James

Snorkelling technician

Only a few days into looking for news for AquaDaily, and it’s already becoming apparent that ‘man snorkels in a fish tank’ is a favourite newspaper story.

The New York Daily News is the latest to get in on the action, reporting on Scott Jones, a man who appears to have the ideal job from where I’m sitting this grey day (and enviably taut abdominals, too :( ).

The Daily News reports:

Jones holds the title of marine technician with the 10-year-old boutique company City Aquarium. He’s one of the lucky New Yorkers who, even in the coldest part of winter, live on an island of equatorial bliss. Any given day, he is up to his elbows – or in over his head – tending to tropical fish, some the pets of the rich and famous.

Who hasn’t got wet in the line of fishkeeping? What fishkeeper wouldn’t trade their cubicle for, well, one made of glass?

On the other hand, who likes doing water changes? And Jones really does water changes:

The aquatic room service he provides includes 3,000 new gallons of synthetic seawater every two weeks. The water is created – salted and heated – in an enormous tank in the hotel’s basement, where 300 gallons can be ready in 45 minutes.

How many leaky carpet-threatening buckets does it take to shift 3,000 gallons?

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