Reef Central Tank of the Month January 2008

by Owen James

Stanley Genadekļæ½s Reef Tank of the Month

The new year is well underway, and here’s Stanley Genadek’s aquarium, Reef Central’s first Tank of the Month of 2008.

Like most Reef Central TOTMs, Stanley’s would double up as decent-sized swimming pool. The total water volume is 2,100 US gallons, with some 1,600 gallons of the wet stuff in the 15-foot long main tank.

The skimmer alone holds over 100 US gallons!

Needless to say, the tank is absolutely beautiful.

Stanley favors a skimmer-and-algae-refugium combo to keep this stunning system alive. Interestingly, he also maintains sponges in his refugium, similar to coral-keeping veteran Steve Tyree, although Stanley says the bolt-on tank’s main purpose is to produce pods and other live foods for the main tank.

The skimmer is the heart of this system, and Stanley speaks like a man in love. When his carpet anemone died, it saved his tank’s life:

When I came back seven days later the blue carpet was gone. I asked my wife if she had removed it and she admitted that she had forgotten to even look at it! Fearing the worst, I quickly went back to check my ORP level, which had climbed to a healthy 440. I looked over the tank and my dirt brown Acropora sp. coral was glowing purple, and all the other small-polyped stony corals colors had impressively improved. The skimmer was full of a thick sludge that could not be drained. I ended up having to literally scrape the collection cup because the sludge was so thick! I could not believe that the skimmer could remove a large, decomposing blue carpet anemone, increase my ORP and improve my water quality, all while I was out of town! It is by far the most outstanding piece of reefkeeping equipment I have ever owned.

How anybody can fail to look at a tank like this is utterly beyond me, but I guess not everyone in the world is a fish nut.

A final couple of points, which I hope don’t feel like I’m detracting from Stanley’s incredible achievement:

  1. We need to invent nuclear fission fast – the skimmer alone on this monster tank is rated at 190w.
  2. If a brilliant and dedicated aquarist like Stanley can lose an anemone, surely they should remain in the hands of specialists like Anthony Calfo until such people have nailed down a reliable propogation method? These animals are effectively immortal, remember. Personally I’d only buy a cultured bubble-tipped anemone at present. If you disagree, do say why (politely please!) in the comments below.

There’s some more lovely pics after the jump.

Harlequin filefish, Oxymonacanthus longirostris

Harlequin filefish

Snowflake clownfish

Snowflake clownfish

There’s a nice mix of soft and hard corals in the tank. Check out the yellow leather coral at the bottom left of the bommie!

Angled reef tank shot

Every tank benefits from a keen helping hand

Mini-reef assistant

Want more? For dozens of high quality images plus tonnes of detail on this amazing system, check out the whole article over at Reef Central.

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owain 03.27.08 at 4:49 pm

Wow, stunning tank!

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