Aquarists and fish trade must support conservation, says Michigan retailer

by Owen James

Fish Doctors logo Everyone involved in selling and keeping aquatic life has the ability to contribute to conservation, says Tom Campbell, owner of The Fish Doctors in the US state of Michigan.

Quoted in The Ann Arbor News, Campbell argues that:

Many of the breakthroughs that have occurred in our industry are shipped to us from individual hobbyists, average aquarists at home who happen to love a certain kind of shrimp and figures out how to breed that shrimp and shares that information with everyone. There are some out there who think of us as ‘rapers of the reef’ and that we’re responsible for the degradation of the world’s oceans. In the end, the aquarium industry may be the industry that saves the reefs because of our knowledge about how to keep them alive.

With the reefs under daily threat, our impact on the environment is becoming as important an issue as which skimmer to choose or what to feed seahorses.

Indeed, the latter is an example of how the tropical fish industry did rise to the challenge of conservation pressures, with the arrival of seahorse breeding facilities like Ocean Rider in Hawaii – although ironically these businesses are now being challenged by the mass breeding of seahorses in pens for the Chinese medicine market.

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