$295 to dive into the Baltimore Aquarium

by Owen James

Diving the Baltimore Aquarium

Okay, this is a bit of a luxury when you can holiday in the Red Sea from here in the UK from under £300 (provided you can live with the CO2 guilt.)

But I can think of worse ways to spend $295 than diving in the 260,000-US gallon Baltimore Aquarium.

The Washington Post reports:

The Saturday afternoon operation is run by Atlantic Edge, a scuba school and dive shop in Gaithersburg, and supervised by John Harman, the cheerful company co-founder and veteran instructor who made a big splash a few years back by getting married underwater in the Atlantic Coral Reef tank. He and Abbe Harman, his partner in total-immersion matrimony, have been volunteer divers at the National Aquarium for nearly two decades.

There are rays galore in the tank, and I can see batfish, Seargent Majors, snappers and an angelfish in the photo, too. (Your ids in the comments please!)

And how about a legless turtle for a dive buddy?

Calypso, an amputee sea turtle the size of a beer keg, gets along nicely on three flippers. She’s gregarious to a fault. Indeed, on the summer dive, she apparently became intrigued by the color of one diver’s gear and kept giving him reptilian head-butts until he had rotated a full 360 degrees.

US-based readers might want to check out the Atlantic Edge website for more details. Send us a postcard if you take the plunge?

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